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Paradox Podcast Covers Bloodlines 2

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Sorry I missed this the other day, Paradox has a regular podcast and they touched on the BL2 announcement.The BL2 talk starts at the 6:40 mark and ends at 22:15. They rehash how thing panned out after they bought the World of Darkness property and how Hardsuit Labs made a Hail Mary pitch.

Main points;
  • They say it is "close" but not a AAA game
  • This project being very different then the other Paradox games made this very scary
  • In pre-production they increased the budget to make sure it would be successful
  • The Tender event played a remix of the BL1 theme music by intent so people would identify it
  • They acknowledge Vampire isn't for everyone
  • The official release trailer has 1.5 million organic views which is very high for one of their games
  • Overall the social media hits and mentions is by far the most of any announced Paradox game they have ever done

Bloodlines 2 Dev Diary #1

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Just a quick intro and rehash of how BL2 got off the ground, but apparently this is going to be a semi-regular thing of them giving us a inside look at the development process, here is a snip;

Hello, my name is Liz Starr, I am one of the Producers at Hardsuit Labs, and I have the dream job of working on Bloodlines 2. I am very happy to bring you this dev diary about Hardsuit Labs and the story behind our fantastic team.

Hardsuit Labs began in 2015 with Andy Kipling, Russell Nelson, and a team of about 20 people. We had all worked at another studio together before. When that place went out of business, Andy and Russ – then a Production Director and Tech Director – decided to ask a few of their former teammates to help start something new. Back then, we thought that it’d take maybe five years of bringing older games to newer formats for this band of veterans to gain enough reputation to pitch a full game production.

Two years later, Ka’ai Cluney, our Creative Director, burst into Andy’s office with an idea he and his friend Brian Mitsoda had come up with. Ka’ai is one of those people who seems to have been everywhere and done everything; from design at id Software and Monolith to building roofs in Alaska. He had worked with Brian (of Troika and Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines fame) before. Together, they came up with a concept that lured Brian out of his own indie studio, into our team.

More importantly, it convinced Andy and Russ to go all in and to start pitching that full game project three years earlier than we’d have guessed.

Bloodlines 1 Theme Redux @ Tender Event

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Member FallenL0rd sent us this link which is the BL1 theme redux that was played at the Tender reveal event. It is a short clip and if I was a betting man will say this is was done specifically for the event not necessarily for the game. Either case it is interesting, take a listen and let me know what you think below.

SPOILERS: Outstar Breaks Down The Release Trailer

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Outstar posted her promised video of a trailer breakdown. Be warned, she addresses several rumors, minor spoilers (if true), in her analysis. So if you want total virgin knowledge of the game then this may not be the video for you. Mainly she addresses rumored names of the NPC's and some of their basic background. You have been warned.

Neo'Nights Boston Chronicle Chapter 1 Posted

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Well what seemed like a pleasant end to a Becoming ceremony that started our players unlives ended with a unexpected bath and finding out they had far less friends then when the night started.

Platige Demo Still

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Our intrepid Co-Admin Donovan here at WoD News found this (leaked?) image on the pipes of the interwebs which is from the company Platige who did the teaser video for the BL2 reveal. Seems this is a character still of who I am pretty sure is a Toreador but we'll see, either case this is interesting.

First Session of Boston Neo'Night V20 Chronical Live Today @ 3P EST

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Greeting all,

Today is our very first session of our V20 chronicle starting at 3p EST today. Feel free to join our Discord and listen in and comment along in chat as our newly branded Neonates navigate the official ceremony to recognize them as independent of their sires. This should just be a simply, perhaps even boring, social event of the Prince's assembled court. What possibly could go wrong for our new coterie?