Geek Pride: Matthew Dawkins on the future of Vampire

  • 8 June 2019
  • Author: Harlequin
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The Gentleman Gamer has a interview with Geek Pride and covered some very interesting topics about V5 past mistakes and where it is going in the future. Here is a snip;

There was an unfortunate reaction to some of the content in the V5 books

I wrote up the clans in V5, and suggested that some of the Brujah might come from right-wing camps.  Was than an invitation to play alt-right Brujah?  Absolutely not.  If someone wanted to play a Nazi at my table, I would ask them to write a new character or leave, as I have no interest in running a game for anyone playing a Nazi.  It is just not fun in my mind.

I believe in the World of Darkness, which is our world but darker, that far-right elements exist.  Would the Brujah – a clan of impassioned philosophers and politicos – embrace right-wing humans? Yes.  Is that nice? No.  Do you have to play them? Definitely not.  Can they be antagonists? Absolutely.  Any excuse to beat up a Nazi in a roleplaying game is perfectly fine.

There are some things you can attempt to justify, there are somethings you can only apologise for, and there are somethings that you have to replace because they are poor.  Whilst I think there have been mistakes, with people being too slow to act, and that sometimes they have been too reactionary.  It is a fine line to tread, especially when you are a young company like White Wolf were.

That is not making an excuse for them, because they definitely had lessons to learn.  They didn’t act perfectly at all times, but that is partly why Paradox Interactive are now saying “We’ve done our bit, this has been our plan all along”, and I think they can do that without any regrets.

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