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Have a hot tip, news article we missed, heard a rumor or anything related to the WoD CRPG feel free to send us a email news(AT) Please include all information about your tip including supporting links and if you want to be credited with the tip. Without consent we will list the tip publicly as coming from a anonymous source. Thank you!


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Harlequin aka Peter has been in table top RPGs since 1982 and took his passion online in the mid 80s by co-developing a BBS D&D style multi-player door game. In the early 2000s he ran his own role-play enforced Ultima Online server for several years, then moved over to running a Neverwinter Nights server for several years more after that. Later he opened up and ran which was a site dedicated to the then in development NWN2. He did that for for 4 years with a peak of over 10 million page views a month. He then took a break from community building. When the WoD MMO was rumored he hopped on the bandwagon and for 5 years ran WoD News with over a thousand registered members and millions of page views a month. WoD News broke exclusive news and interviews during that time, was referenced by sites such as Blues News & PC Gamer.

And now here we we are, with the announcement of Bloodlines 2 he resurrected the site and now focuses on all Vampire the Masquerade PC games coming from property owner Paradox.