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UPDATED: UK PC Gamer Mag New Information

Well that was... underwhelming. It was a good read but the majority of it was already stated. You can see the previously known info on the game on our "Info" page. The few new bits of info I was able to glean was the following;

  • The Prince of Seattle's name is "Cross"
  • There is a side quest where if you notice the unusual number of missing cat posters, that can open up for you to explore what happened to them
  • It is implied there are other sects present in game then the Camarilla
  • The first of the Unsanctioned Seven is killed soon after you make your escape from your trial and as you talk to them is assassinated (so then it becomes the Unsanctioned six..?)
  • To redeem from masquerade violations you can join Bart, of Prince Cross "cleanup crew" to, literally clean up violations the Prince deems needed
  • Players will be able to equip two melee and two ranged weapons at any a time

Post your comments below.

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3 comments on article "UPDATED: UK PC Gamer Mag New Information"

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The whole cleanup crew thing sounds really interesting.

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Indeed, I am curious as to how many missions there will be in this side quest and is this something you have to do every time you get one to many masq strikes against you.

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Somehow I am in such a conflict. On one hand I want to know as much as possible, on the other ...I'd love to know as little as possible to fully enjoy the game experience and find out everything myeself.

The last ooption would play well into the perspective of a newborn thinblood.

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