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    "So what did everything think of the E3 demos? I personally was quite fascinated by them. While some of the people giving the demo didn't seem..."
    by Harlequin Friday, June 14, 2019 7:08:44 PM(UTC)

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    "I don't want to be a alarmist but was I the only one that raised a brow when in the Ventrue live stream Florian said it still was undetermined..."
    by Harlequin Thursday, May 30, 2019 8:37:05 PM(UTC)

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    "Is it me, or does it seem at least on social media there is a huge uptick of tin foil hat level nonsense like we never went to the moon, the plane..."
    by Harlequin Thursday, May 30, 2019 8:26:52 PM(UTC)

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MMORPG: Is Paradox Finally Going to Reveal a New Vampire: the Masquerade or World of Darkness Game?

Harlequin 0 112 Article rating: No rating has a new article highlighting what we know so far about the possible new vampire game in the works. Here is a snip -


Fast forward AGAIN to this past weekend, when a bunch of screenshots and a teaser website called "Tender" cropped up. All is is to prep fans for a big announcement on March 21st.

We know there is something big happening on the 21st - but what? Will we finally get our soulmate? What does it all mean?

This is what we have dug up so far - Maybe you could check out and help us find out more? 

Those who "use" the site -- which, incidentally, has a background that looks like weirdly colored blood drops in water -- enter a birthdate before being asked questions including:

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New Vampire game in development?

Harlequin 0 116 Article rating: No rating

So what is all this talk about a (possible) new VtM CRPG in development by Paradox? Well if you put all these hints together as the wonderful Outstar in the video below did it gives the breadcrumbs that lead to this belief they are going to announce this new game next month at GDC. So being the optimist I am I resurrected this site in the hopes we don't get burned again *cough*VampireMMO*cough* Post your comments and thoughts below. 

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