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Toreador Confirmed as Third Playable Clan


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What was that...? Say again? Oh that I am 3/5 for calling the playable clans on release. Why yes... yes I am. 😉 As you can see by the title it is the Toreador. Now granted I (and others) thought they would announce the Ventrue this week, but let's be honest that is a lock as is the Malks. So if my prediction success rate holds the 5 clans will be Brujah, Tremere, Ventrue, Toreador and Malkavians. So we will see... but let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's dive into the Toreador... All the gritty details and the reveal trailer below;

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EXCLUSIVE: Tremere Weakness Clarified

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As we mentioned in our Tremere video reveal post, Florian Schwarzer, Senior Product Manager for Bloodlines 2 not only talked about Tremere being social outcasts when talking about their weakness but then seemed to off handedly mention they take more damage from other kindred. So we were perplexed, which weakness does the Tremere clan have, do they actually have TWO? A lot in the community seemed to lean to the social outcast aspect as their official weakness and seemed to think Florian misspoke about the kindred damage. Well we reached out to Paradox and Florian clarified when he meant in the following statement to our inquiry. Apparently the masses, this time, were in error on how they interpreted his comments. See below;

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VentureBeat: With the Tremere, there will be blood (magic)

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Where they fit

The Tremere were in the first Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines. And the clan was involved in one of the so-called “good” endings, Schwarzer said.

“That game introduced you to L.A. in an uneasy peace after a civil war among vampire factions. In that world of wary fighters, ambitious upstarts and broken monsters, the Tremere’s chantry was a place of stability and purpose. Of course, you could never be quite sure what that purpose really was — they’re vampires, after all. … ” Schwarzer said.

The traditional role of the Tremere in Vampire: The Masquerade is of a power behind the scenes, one that could be more foe than friend.

“One of the things that make the clan interesting to me is that the Tremere have changed over time. When you go back to the very beginning of Vampire: the Masquerade, the Blood Sorcerers felt a bit like antagonists: the soft-spoken, cultured ones that you’re never quite sure haven’t already decided which arcane experiment to bleed you dry for. Add to that the rigid, inscrutable organization — the ‘Pyramid’ — that backs them up, and you’re looking at a real menace even among vampires,” Schwarzer said.

But this resonated with players. So the Tremere evolved (which kinda fits their kit).

“Thing is: That also made them really interesting to players. So things shifted a bit,” Schwarzer said. “The Tremere are still distrusted — arguably for pretty good reasons. At the same time, they’re too powerful (and useful) to ignore: In many cities, they’re advisers or the proverbial power behind the throne. Very recently, the leaders of the Pyramid were assassinated. Suddenly, unlife as a Tremere has become a lot more dangerous — but also more free than ever before.”

Full article here

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Paradox Tremere Twitch Stream & Lore Followup

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First in the official Discord this was said about the Tremere Seattle lore which somewhat contradicts my original view. Seems we may be getting the Tremere split in House Tremere and Carna after all;

Lastly here is the full video in question, as usual bullet points below of what was discussed;

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Tremere Clan Reveal Trailer

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As we reported on yesterday, the clan revealed today was Clan Tremere. Here is, once again the reveal video and official in-game character screenshot. Also a description of their abilities within the game and some basic lore. It seems while they acknowledge the Tremere leadership being wiped out it is said at the very end in passing. Makes me think that V5 lore isn't going to feature very heavily in the game and mostly treat all Tremere as one big entity for simplicity since that aspect probably won't play any noticeable role in the story.

On the abilities side of things, some tweaks and we get three not two levels of Thaumaturgy. Not only interesting they give it 3 levels but keeping the V20 term for their blood magick. Again eluding they are not going to press the whole V5 Tremere split very much. While it was mostly a foregone conclusion Tremere would be featured, it is wonderful to see the treatment they have gotten in BL2. And we finally have Auspex that is useful in-game unlike BL1! Very excited to play as my Tremere 🍷

Post your comments below.



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Hands-off Bloodlines 2 Demo @ E3

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Paradox sent us word they are having private hands-off Bloodlines 2 demos at this years E3. The thing of note about this is there will be NO media embargo nor NDA. So whoever goes is able to take whatever pics or video they so choose and release it right away as well as report on what they see. This is VERY exciting needless to say. Here is the exact email;

Paradox Interactive is bringing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 to E3 2019! The team will be showing off new gameplay in a new Seattle hub and we’d love if you could join us for a walkthrough. In addition to the demo, members of the Bloodlines 2 team at Hardsuit Labs and Paradox Interactive will be available on-site for interviews.
Of note, this demo will be hands-off, but you will be able to capture footage. There will be no embargo on coverage of your demo and interview. 

If anyone is planning on going to E3 this year and would like to go as a remote reporter of WoD News get in touch with us ASAP and if we like your credentials (able to write clearly and have some blogging or reporting experience) we'll get you on the list for the demo.

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Hands on BL2 Demo @ PDXCon

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It was just announced today in the video below that in Berlin @ PDXCon aka The Paradox Convention this Oct (18th to 20th) they will be showing off a hands on demo of the game to those in attendance. Very exciting to say the least and when I was predicting we will be getting in-depth footage (I said this fall). If someone is going and interested in being our remote reporter please do get in touch! None the less the short announcement video.

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Brujah Clan Reveal Live Stream

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Here is the video of the live stream they did today on the Brujah. They also did answer a handful of questions at the end, I did a bullet point summary below, post your thoughts in the comments;


  • Takes ~5 hrs average play through to go from Thinblood to full clan
  • Brujah weakness is their passion and thus easier to frenzy in-game if they don't feed frequently
  • They explain the 2 disciplines per clan choice that they felt the traditional 3 would be "sensory overload" and too much to manage in a real time combat game
  • Can still build a social Brujah even with their loss of Presence
  • No procedurally generated quests
  • In BL2 most Brujah have left the Camarilla (per V20/V5 lore) however the metaplot will not limit your choices or the story

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Brujah Confirmed as First Playable Clan

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Paradox released a new reveal video and news about the first of the five playable clans on release. The first one is, as expected the Brujah (which is on my prediction list also including Tremere, Ventrue, Malk and Torie). The intro video is well done and gives a good rundown of what the Brujah is all about. However, what really catches my eye is it seems full blooded clans unlike the table top and previous Bloodlines, will be limited to two disciplines, not 3. The reason for this as they note in the email sent kindred will keep their thinblood powers to make up for the 'third' ability. Very interesting needless to say. Lastly, at the end of the video is another 3 secs of pre-Alpha game play. None the less here is their run down of the clan in question, in-game character model and the reveal video, post your thoughts below;

The Brujahs’ powers are as overwhelming as their convictions. Players who join the Rabble can unlock two ancient disciplines that enhance their physical abilities: Potence and Celerity. Potence is the Brujah’s signature discipline and imbues their undead bodies with the pinnacle of raw Kindred strength - nobody underestimates the strength of a Brujah twice. While Potence enhances strength, Celerity enhances a Brujah’s speed, allowing them to strike faster, dodge quicker, and escape more nimbly than any mortal creature.

Learn more details about the Brujah’s disciplines and their powers below:


  • Fist of Caine - Deliver a devastating punch that turns walls into rubble and throws enemies through the air. Upgrades to Fist of Cain enhance the devastating effects even further.
  • Earthshock - Smash the ground with titanic force, creating a shockwave around the player that damages and knocks down anyone who dares to stray too close. Upgrading Earthshock causes the Brujah’s onslaught to send out fissures, damaging anyone caught in the cataclysm.


  • Unseen Storm - Dash in any direction with such speed that you momentarily disappear from view, allowing you to land attacks, dodge around enemies, or get away before the dust has settled. Upgrades further enhance the effects of Unseen Storm.
  • Accelerate - Move so fast that everything else in the world appears to slow down to a standstill. Assailants seem frozen in their attacks, cars crawl forward, bullets zip by lazily, and the vampire can perform stunts that, with an 80’s synth track in the background, would make for an awesome movie scene. Upgrades further enhance the effects of Accelerate.

Of note, the use of Potence or Celerity in front of any mortal is a Masquerade Violation.

Players who join the Brujah clan can use these disciplines in addition to the individual powers from their Thinblood past.

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