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    "So what did everything think of the E3 demos? I personally was quite fascinated by them. While some of the people giving the demo didn't seem..."
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    "I don't want to be a alarmist but was I the only one that raised a brow when in the Ventrue live stream Florian said it still was undetermined..."
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Why Malkavian’s Will Be the Last Clan in Bloodlines 2

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I understand the grasp why folks want the Nosferatu to be the last clan revealed. I really do. They are fun to play in table top and if built right can be an almost unstoppable murder machine in the original Bloodlines. And who does not like to play a figurative angel of death in the World of Darkness?

However, I feel several factors are in play as to why Malks, not the Nos will be the last clan revealed.

Before I jump into that, let me quickly address those holding out their last shred of hope for a clan not in the “original 7”. The most popular of these seems to be the Lasombra. And while I like that clan, and the fact half of them finally got a clue and ditch the Sabbat in V5, the comments of Florian Schwarzer, Senior Product Manager at Paradox Interactive seems to kill that idea. He said in the Ventrue reveal video that while they are very open to lesser playable clans and bloodlines in future games or DLC they are focusing on the core 7 clans for a Bloodlines 2 release. You can see that video here.

So, with that out of the way let’s talk numbers and statistics. As if we like it or not, the bean counters do influence game design. And I am sure during pre-production in early 2016 the polls and survey’s that have been done over the years (which you can Google) about Bloodlines 1 show that Tremere and Malk were pretty consistently the 2 most played clans in the game. While Nos was, again fairly consistently in these surveys, the least played clan in BL1.

So that begs the question. As a game designer, would you spend your limited resources on a least played clan on the sequel of the game you are making or one of the most popular, played? Exactly. It does not make a lot of sense from a design standpoint. Nor a PR standpoint either, yes you want to include as many new players as you can but also want to romance former BL1 fans. And you do that by including the most popular, played clans, Tremere (already announced) and Malkavians.

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Ventrue (not) Live Stream Discussion

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Some interesting new tidbits. As we speculated for weeks the idea of non core 7 clans on release is slim to none, BUT fear not he was quite optimistic of obscure clans and bloodlines down the road in DLC and other future games. As always we have a bullet point recap below, post your comments and let us know what you think;



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Ventrue Clan Reveal Trailer

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As we stated Ventrue is the next revealed clan. Here is the trailer which shows a very blood thirsty Ventrue kicking ass and taking names, as well as the write up of their powers, post your thoughts below;

The blood of rulers flows through the Ventrue’s veins. While that once meant embracing high-priests and aristocrats, they now recruit from investment bankers and corporate executives. The “Clan of Kings” see themselves as the architects of vampire society who hold lineage and loyalty above all. Unusually for the clan, the Ventrue of Seattle were drawn to the dream of building their own power structure without oversight from elder generations. Now that the Camarilla has gained control, many Ventrue have realigned to join these new rulers, or have doubled down on their autonomy. Enterprising Ventrue have entrenched themselves in the business of the 21st century, paving the way for a prosperous future and making enemies of anyone who prefers the old ways.

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POLYGON: Bloodlines 2 on reinvigorating a cult classic

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In a new Polygon interview some interesting tidbits are released. First voyeurism is going to be a big part of Bloodlines 2. Apparently stalking who you are going to feed on and observing them will reveal a lot of info about them. Also they talk about the NPCs having lives outside of the player interactions. Implied there may be The Sims level of automaton in their actions and reactions. If that is indeed the case that is going to be very interesting. Here is a snip;

Ellison says that, with Bloodlines 2, voyeurism will be a key to the game’s unfolding and elastic narrative.

“We do look at it as if you can significantly affect the world,” Ellison says, “and one of the ways that we look at our world is that we are trying to make it really reactive to the way that you play and how you act as a vampire. The more that you break the Masquerade, the more consequences are going to come your way. The more that you’re out in the open, that people realize that there’s a fricking monster on the streets, the more afraid people get and the harder it is to feed.”

But voyeurism will also play into a unique series of side quests that Ellison herself is in charge of. As it turns out, the game’s main character isn’t the only newly minted vampire on the loose in Seattle.

“There are other vampires that have been made that night,” Ellison says, “and you can try to find them through the course of the game. Basically, I want to give you a sense of that person’s life, to allow you to say, ‘That could have been me.’ Essentially, we want to give you a variety of experiences in terms of what it means to be a vampire.”

“I’m really interested in investigating that transitional period,” Ellison continues, “of going from being a human into a vampire. What does that mean? What is vampire puberty like? [...] What about the problems they had when they were human? Are they made better or worse by becoming a vampire? Do they bring a lot of their human problems with them? What are problems that are like unique to being a vampire?”

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WoDCast is Returning!

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To those of you who were members years ago may remember we had a weekly podcast called the WoDCast which dove into that weeks rumors, news and interviews for the MMO. However, we are working on bringing that back but with a focus on all the World of Darkness PC game games, including but not limited to Bloodlines 2! So expect to hear more about this very soon as we get it off the ground. If you have ideas for us to cover in the show pop by the Discord (join link in the Contact page) and let us know or post a comment below.

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Bloodlines 2 Pulled From Epic Store

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Seems Epic included Bloodlines 2 in their huge summer sale but forgot to tell Paradox they were including their title in this sale. That didn't go over to well and Paradox pulled BL2 from the Epic Store as a result. If you happened to pick up BL2 while it was $10 off it will be honored. But Paradox is working with Epic to restore it to the store under normal pricing. If you want the full gory details of the mess that is the Epic Store check out the article on

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Rik Schaffer Interview

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Mr. Schaffer is the music composer for both Bloodlines 1 and now 2. He partook in a live stream Q&A by Outstar and thanks to Planet Vampire found a transcript. His answers are pretty curt and to the point. So don't expect a lot of in-depth answers, but it is still question illuminating musically speaking. Feel free to read and comment below.

Q: This has been probably asked a lot, but was the similarity between the VTM: Bloodlines Theme and Massive Attack's Angel intentional?
Rik Schaffer: Yep. When I started the project, that was the placeholder track they had in for like a year. They were married to it, but couldn't get the rights. They said make something similar. I hate copying artists, but made it kind of my own.

Q: Were you approached or working on CCP's World of Darkness game before it got cancelled?

Rik Schaffer: Never contacted me. I was working on ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) online but would have dropped everything to continue on a Bloodlines type MMO.

R: Be glad, Rik. CCP mismanaged the hell out of WoD MMO.

Rik Schaffer: MMO are dead.

R: Damn. Nice to know you're that passionate about the IP, though.

Q: Do you prefer composing music traditionally , while playing instruments, or do you do it digitally right now?

Rik Schaffer: I don't write music or read music. Self taught. Everything starts in my head, then the guitar and piano are enemies until I find it. With the atmosphere compositions, those were started on synths or non traditional instruments.

Q: What do you think of poems based on gameplay from games? What music should go with it? Say if it is based on Bloodlines?

Rik Schaffer: Poems of Bloodlines and Vampires? Dark, brooding, sexual, but not Count Chocula.

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Toreador Live Stream with Summary

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Here is the Paradox live stream Toreador reveal (starts at the 2h mark). Below is the summary of the main points, post your thoughts below.


  • Explains due to the how character creation works recreating your BL1 character will generally be possible but will have differences stats, mechanics wise
  • Toreador are clan who are most aware they are in fact one of the undead
  • Toreador at the core want to "feel" and that is the goal to their existence
  • They are a clan of "creators"
  • In BL2 you "spend" Willpower to get access to certain abilities
  • Clan curse is if you are isolated, away from mortals you will have slow Willpower regeneration
  • A main clan when it comes to social interactions
  • Auto saves will be in the game
  • While modding will be at launch however it is to early to talk specifics
  • No firm number of post release clans have been decided on as of yet

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Bloodlines 2 Theme Music Posted?

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This is reportedly the BL2 theme music by Rik Schaffer that was released about 4 hours ago as of this posting. It is what was played at the Tender reveal party and is posted on his Soundcloud account so certainly seems legit. It is a fresh take on a very familiar theme.Take a listen and post below your thoughts.


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