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    "So what did everything think of the E3 demos? I personally was quite fascinated by them. While some of the people giving the demo didn't seem..."
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    "I don't want to be a alarmist but was I the only one that raised a brow when in the Ventrue live stream Florian said it still was undetermined..."
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RUMOR: Toreador One of the Playable Clans

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It was brought to my attention, which I missed the first time, in the Thinblood live stream a offhanded comment was made about Toreador. Some of the folks watching asked a Hardsuit Lab employee in the official Discord if that was confirmation of that clan and in chat they allegedly confirmed it. I asked the employee in question to verify that happened and they declined to comment. So take that as you will.

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EXCLUSIVE: Florian Schwarzer Bloodlines 2 Interview for WoD News

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Florian Schwarzer, Senior Product Manager at Paradox Interactive was kind enough to spend some time answering our art and design philosophy questions for us in a exclusive WoD News interview. We will be having another down the road, if you have a specific topic or question you'd like us to ask please post it in the comments below. With that said the interview;

WoD News: First off, I need to ask, who came up with and developed the whole Tender meta ad campaign? Personally, I thought it was brilliant. Could you talk about how that all come about and did it play out as you expected, anything unexpected come of it?

Florian Schwarzer: We knew we wanted to do something crazy to announce Bloodlines 2 from the beginning, but we also wanted whatever we did to make sense for fans of the IP. The idea that there’s this hidden world of darkness lurking behind our reality was the perfect angle for an ARG and really resonated with our team. Paula Thelin, Paradox’ event manager, spearheaded the concept. She worked with Alice & Smith, a game developer and ARG designer based in Montreal, and they did an incredible job masterminding the story of the campaign and Tender. The community’s reaction to the Tender ARG surpassed our expectations. We anticipated press to pick up on what we were hinting at; we were blown away by the community’s dedication and commitment to solving the mystery. I’m thrilled with the way everything turned out and it wouldn’t have been possible without the geniuses at Alice and Smith and the passion of our fans.

WoD News: I'd really like to dive into art direction, atmosphere. Aside from BL1 what are the main sources of inspiration for the overall artistic tone the visual artists are drawing from?

Florian Schwarzer: The city of Seattle is a huge source of inspiration for the art direction and atmosphere of Bloodlines 2. Hardsuit Labs, the developers of the game, are based in Seattle and setting the game in their home city was central to their design and narrative. They know Seattle and the issues the city faces today intimately and this has definitely been core to their efforts.

When it comes to translating that atmosphere into the game’s visuals, Hardsuit’s art director quickly settled on the NeoNoir style of shows like Hannibal or Nightcrawler. The high-contrast style, with its love for neon, stark silhouettes and imposing architecture, hits many of the same notes as Vampire’s gothic-punk aesthetic. At the same time, it fits Bloodlines’ noir-ish roots. As you may know, the original game was heavily inspired by the Maltese Falcon. The team very much wants to carry that forward.

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Paradox Thinblood Twitch Stream

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So here is the full video of yesterdays Paradox Twitch mediacast. It was a very specific thinblood focused stream so if you are not that interested in the thinblood aspect of BL2 you may not get much out of it. Otherwise it was very interesting, albeit very linear in the topic. Check it out below and we also have a bullet point list of the main topics.

  • They discuss thinbloods in vampire society, how they are scorned, some view them as a omen to the end times
  • They felt starting as a thinblood was the best way to intro people to this world, setting
  • They show the CGI thinblood film with about 3 sec of Alpha gameplay at the end
  • Like BL1 you start at the "bottom of the food chain" in the game
  • Your chosen profession as mortal has significant impact on certain game play elements
  • Some thinbloods can keep down some mortal food and able to handle a few moments in sunlight
  • Thinbloods in BL2 are more powerful then the paper and paper version
  • Talk about the 3 main powers of the thinbloods
  • Thinbloods using V20 rules
  • Can not refuse to choose a full blooded clan member
  • Dodge is built in to the combat system and can build a 'dodgy' character
  • No daylight hours in the game, it was just too difficult to make such fun
  • Next week a clan will be revealed next Thur


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PC Gamer: My two crazy theories for how Bloodlines 2 can stay true to its Vampire lore


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PC Gamer has a article about the 2 ways they feel your thinblood will become part of a full clan. The tl;dr version is this, either you become a "honorary member" of a clan of your choice or, as most everyone assumes like us here at WoD News, Diablerie. A snip is below;

First, let’s talk about the characteristics of a Thinblood. They are the last generations of vampires (the 14th and 15th). Their bloodline is extremely diluted. So diluted that they must spend twice the amount of blood points to use their disciplines, and a portion of their blood must go toward waking every night. Thinbloods have a hard time embracing others and, if their childe survives the embrace, they often do not wake up as a vampire until a while later. Weird, right?

But all Thinbloods are part of a bloodline, or a group of vampires who share a common lineage. There are bloodline-specific clans, as we saw in the Bloodlines videogame, that share common traits specific to only one bloodline. Malkavians, for example, are insane. Gangrel can change physical form. Nosferatu fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

As a whole, a clan is just one of the 13 major vampire groups that share common characteristics passed on by blood.

A vampire can’t change their lineage, so a vampire will always belong to the same bloodline as their sire, but traits, disciplines, and culture within the bloodlines themselves can change with each passing generation. If you’ve played the first Bloodlines, you might remember meeting Jeanette in the Asylum for the first time. If you play as a Malkavian, she says to you, ‘you’ve got it bad,’ meaning you’re one of the crazier Malkavians in your clan. Yes, they can have varying levels of crazy.

Also, bloodlines can be created in a variety of ways: Mythical methods, divergent evolution, drinking all of another vampire’s blood, or via a flawed embrace, meaning that a new vampire didn’t inherit any characteristics of their sire’s clan.

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Thinblood Abilities Detailed

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Today Paradox sent out a press blast to news sites which contained a list of all the thinblood abilities players can choose from. More or less what we at least expected or wasn't already heavily hinted at. Here are the list;

At the beginning of Bloodlines 2 players choose one of three Thinblood disciplines, Chiropteran, Mentalism, or Nebulation. These Thinblood disciplines were adapted for Bloodlines 2 from the pen and paper tabletop RPG and grant unique combat and traversal abilities that can be upgraded throughout the game to enhance effectiveness or add special effects.

Each of the Thinblood disciplines and their progression are detailed below:

Chiropteran - Strong affinity for bats, allowing vampires to move through the air and summon swarms.

  • Glide — first active power. Glide greatly lowers the weight of the vampire’s skeleton and muscle mass to allow them to briefly float, reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, swoop down on NPCs to knock them down, or rain down other Disciplines from afar.
  • Bat Swarm — second active power. The vampire can summon a small swarm of bats to attack a target NPC, temporarily disabling them and dealing low damage. This power can be upgraded until a true Maelstrom of leathery wings surrounds the vampire, harrying and damaging those who come too close.

Mentalism - Use telekinesis to manipulate objects and even pull weapons from enemy hands.

  • Pull — first active power. Manipulate inanimate objects using telekinesis, even weapons held by NPCs.
  • Levitate — second active power. Suspends a living NPC in the air. Its strength can be enhanced until the vampire can levitate everyone and everything in an area, and throw suspended enemies around like ragdolls.

Nebulation - Allows the vampire to summon and command mist.

  • Mist Shroud — first active power. Summon a shroud of mist that surrounds the player for a short period. The shroud muffles the sound of footsteps and reduces the range at which the player can be seen. In addition, the player may partially transform into a cloud of mist to perform a choking attack on an NPC or travel through a tight space, like a ventilation fan or duct.
  • Envelop — second active power. Create a stationary, swirling cloud of mist on a target that surrounds, blinds and forcefully enters the lungs of NPCs that it touches.

Like Thinbloods, each of the five full-blood clans has their own unique abilities, upgrades, and more, giving players new ways to experience the darkness that lurks in Seattle.

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Paradox BL2 Twitch Stream Tomorrow

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The official BL2 Twitter had this to say about a upcoming Twitch stream, we will be posting highlights as soon as possible;

Tomorrow at 18:00 CEST we will be showing you the first of the many faces behind the Masquerade. Tune into the stream on for an interview with Florian Schwarzer, Sr. Product Manager on

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Paradox Podcast Covers Bloodlines 2

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Sorry I missed this the other day, Paradox has a regular podcast and they touched on the BL2 announcement.The BL2 talk starts at the 6:40 mark and ends at 22:15. They rehash how thing panned out after they bought the World of Darkness property and how Hardsuit Labs made a Hail Mary pitch.

Main points;

  • They say it is "close" but not a AAA game
  • This project being very different then the other Paradox games made this very scary
  • In pre-production they increased the budget to make sure it would be successful
  • The Tender event played a remix of the BL1 theme music by intent so people would identify it
  • They acknowledge Vampire isn't for everyone
  • The official release trailer has 1.5 million organic views which is very high for one of their games
  • Overall the social media hits and mentions is by far the most of any announced Paradox game they have ever done

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