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So all this "woke" outrage about Bloodlines 2...

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Soon after the Bloodlines 2 reveal it began the anti-SJW brigade (as I call them) came out of the shadows and started going ballistic over some of the quotes from Paradox and Hardsuit Labs. Just going to notably toxic sites like RPGCodex or even the Steam forums and you got people all up in arms jumping to the conclusion this is going to be about vegan vampires holding hands around the campfire singing songs and not a dark, gritty world.

Now the easy fish in the barrel to shoot is if I quote and then dissect some of these posts in various forums. But this is 2019, not 1999. So rather then do that I am going to counter some of the anti-SJW videos on YT.  As let’s be honest it’s a bit more entertaining, at least for me and hopefully yourself.

Now before we get into this foxhole allow me to clarify a few things. We have not seen ONE line of in-game dialog yet. NOT one. Most of these people like to talk about “red flags”, you know what a “red flag” to me is? Commentators commenting on something they haven’t even fucking seen, heard or read yet. Taking developer quotes who are talking on a macro level and trying to shoehorn those comments into a micro level and using that to perform logical gymnastics to create artificial outrage on their part. I’ve seen drama queens be more self-composed then some of these people in the forums or YT.

Outstar Talks About The Tender Reveal

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Outstar posted a video describing the mini-LARP that happened before the live-feed started. Apparently select guests were invited by Paradox to attend and participate in this LARP as you ended up talking to one character after another getting clues along the way. She does not say anything game related just how the party and event was organized that we didn't see on stream. The most interesting thing she talked about is when the lights went down and the black lights came on what those in attendance saw but we watching on the stream couldn't is the black light revealed many people in the crowd with vampire bites on their necks!

Very cool, so feel free to watch the video below and post your thoughts.


New in-Game Still

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The Official BL2 Twitter posted a new cemetary in-game still. And WOW does it look pretty amazing, I guess that is what happens when you run Unreal 4. Certainly a step up from the cemetary in Hollywood visually speaking. Post your thoughts in the comments.

IGN BL2 Preview

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IGN has a new hands on preview of BL2,you can find the whole article at this link here but you can find the bullet points and a snip of it below;

  • Seattle has a Gothic aesthetic but struggling to find it's identity in the face of change as it is in the real world
  • Reiterated the background you choose for your character will make certain NPCs react to you differently
  • Combat mostly locked in 1st person
  • Camera will pull out to 3rd person for select moves like scaling a wall
  • As you stalk potential prey you can sense/see their aura, the color indicates their mood/emotional state which will have different effects when you drink from them
  • Over time you build acquired tastes for certain emotional states called Merits, they become perm bonuses.


Mitsoda Confirms the Player Won't Be Voiced

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When asked if the player will be voiced Brian Mitosda Tweeted his reply of the following -

Protagonist is not voiced. I generally find that even with options to pick your voice, players never find a voice that fits the character they created. And yeah, it's a massive expense when the PC character has thousands of lines.


Not overly surprising but good for official confirmation.

Original BL1 Composer Returning

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The following is from @outstar on the Twitter confirming as well as Mitsoda, the original composer from BL1 will be returning.

Just got an e-mail from Rik Schaffer, we go way back as I talked with him about the unpublished Bloodlines tracks and helped him with the cover for his book.
These are the contents of the e-mail. :) Spread the word!
#vamily #VampireTheMasquerade #bloodlines2

Brian Mitsoda Clears the Air

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Apparently the following were some points of contention (why I don't know as most of the recent BL2 articles clarified these points) and Story Developer Brian Mitsoda chimed in with the following Tweet;


To clear up some misinformation:
-Yes, #bloodlines2 is an RPG with reactive story/dialogue, a branching narrative, and tons of characters.
-Yes, you can create your character and customize their look/skills.
-It's more than a trailer - we showed off the first 30 minutes to press.

Bloodlines Pre-orders Reach the #2 Spot on Steam

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Well that didn't take long... Soon after the live stream ended BL2 hit the #2 spot under Steams "Top Selling" list. As of this post it is still holding the #15 position on the list. Not to bad BL2 not to bad at all. I am going to post a blog, some thoughts about all the anti-SJW nonsense flying around about this game. So expect that soon to be sure. But it seems those vocal minority are just that, the minority thankfully with these numbers it is a positive sign. 

GamerHub TV: New video interview

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Another interview this time a video interview dropped from GamerHub which you can see below, here are the highlights-
  • Choose Seattle because they are most familiar with it plus it's naturally a dark, gloomy place which fits the overall theme
  • Being a rock star not one of the background choices
  • "Ton" of movement and combat abilities
  • Many thin blood abilities, 3 main branches mist form, telekinesis and flight
  • V5 VtM rule set and BL2 was developed side by side however they are not beholden to the V5 rule set and made changes as they saw fit as not all pen and paper rules translate well
  • Part of a mass embrace and once you get past the cities kindred trying to kill you you have to unravel the mystery to your creation.

More Bloodlines 2 Updates

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I will be adding a new page to the site called "Info" this is where a single page of compiled info about the game will be for easy reference. Look for that shortly. None the less more info after combing though ALL the other articles.
The Story -
Takes place 15 years after Bloodlines, you are mass embraced then captured by the cities kindred to be put down in the final death, you escape and taken in by another kindred named Dale who sets you up with a haven and shows you the ropes and you must come to terms with what you are. The character’s journey will take them across Seattle, a city once known for its music culture and progressive ideals that’s been overtaken in recent years by big tech companies and billionaires.

The plot will lead you to the city's underground ruins. These sections are said to be inspired by the real-life locations that were paved over after intense fires during 1889, and the ruins house a number secrets pertaining to the lost history of Seattle, and how vampires played a part in it.

You will meet (or hunt down) the other thin bloods of the mass embrace for good or ill in a "massive" side quest.