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More info from various sources

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Thanks to user Less T_T over in RPGCODEX did my leg work for me and found all these tid-bits.

And the game is... Bloodlines 2!

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Ok that took a lot of people by surprise including me. I was expecting some kind of CRPG but not a direct sequel to BL. So it is official, the game is Bloodlines 2 published by Paradox and developed by Hardsuit Labs. Their website is already up at Bloodlines2 where you can pre-order, below is the notes I took during the live stream of the core points. Please note at the time of this writing they are doing post-announcement interviews so this may be added to later in the day.

So todays is the day and what we know so far...


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Well we have arrived. For good or ill Paradox will announce on their Twitch live stream @ 2330 EST what in bloody hell they are working on. Now people in various parts of the net are going wild with speculation thinking a simple player game is most likely off the table due to the points below. However I disagree which I will explain.

More potential Leaks and Info

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Well some new images were dug up on from folks over at RPGCODEX. Seems GOG is going to have a announcement that follows the Paradox announcement on the 21st as well and these images were posted on their advert page which has since been taken down. However you can see the rumored concept art below and several people has suggested has some striking similarities to Seattle. Which I have to say is a interesting choice if that is indeed the case. Also below that alleged concept art is another advert that was posted on the "Tender" app.

Paradox Tweet

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Paradox posted several what is assumed to be concept art stills of the rumored CRPG they keep hinting at (which you can view in our Media area off the main menu) and said the following;

We know there is something big happening on the 21st - but what? Will we finally get our soulmate? What does it all mean? Thread incoming - This is what we have dug up so far - Maybe you could check out and help us find out more? 😉

MMORPG: Is Paradox Finally Going to Reveal a New Vampire: the Masquerade or World of Darkness Game?

Harlequin 0 40 Article rating: No rating has a new article highlighting what we know so far about the possible new vampire game in the works. Here is a snip -

Fast forward AGAIN to this past weekend, when a bunch of screenshots and a teaser website called "Tender" cropped up. All is is to prep fans for a big announcement on March 21st.

We know there is something big happening on the 21st - but what? Will we finally get our soulmate? What does it all mean?

This is what we have dug up so far - Maybe you could check out and help us find out more? 

Those who "use" the site -- which, incidentally, has a background that looks like weirdly colored blood drops in water -- enter a birthdate before being asked questions including:

New Vampire game in development?

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So what is all this talk about a (possible) new VtM CRPG in development by Paradox? Well if you put all these hints together as the wonderful Outstar in the video below did it gives the breadcrumbs that lead to this belief they are going to announce this new game next month at GDC. So being the optimist I am I resurrected this site in the hopes we don't get burned again *cough*VampireMMO*cough* Post your comments and thoughts below.