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    "So what did everything think of the E3 demos? I personally was quite fascinated by them. While some of the people giving the demo didn't seem..."
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    "I don't want to be a alarmist but was I the only one that raised a brow when in the Ventrue live stream Florian said it still was undetermined..."
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    "Is it me, or does it seem at least on social media there is a huge uptick of tin foil hat level nonsense like we never went to the moon, the plane..."
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Post Announcement Q&A Posted

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Paradox posted the post Tender reveal Q&A session with Mitsoda and various other HSL and Paradox devs and managers. All the info has already been reported from this video but if you happened to miss it, it is interesting. Take a peek;

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Mitsoda Talks About Guns in BL2

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Some fans have the idea guns are going to be near useless, so Brian calmed some of the fears. The quote about guns people are focusing on I am quite sure means it's going to work like pen and paper. Normal bullets have limited damaging effect on kindred. Where as vampire powers or melee weapons have much more effect. BL1 did overpower the end game guns a bit but as a whole I don't expect the general concept to change all that much from BL1 to BL2.

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UK PC Gamer Feature of Bloodlines 2

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Apparently the upcoming issue of PC Gamer UK will be featuring Bloodlines 2. Traditionally from my experience the US and UK versions are separate so we won't be getting the article or possible new screenshots here in the US, at least initially. I will do what I can to get a copy of the article.

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Devs Clarify the "Politically Charged" Comment

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This exchange happened today on the Twitter hopefully calming people down and pretty much saying what I did in my Op Ed below. They are going to still use dark themes but simply though a modern lens.

Can we have a statement on whether you are going to shove politics down our throats? Because the community is fairly riled up atm (As seen on steam) and it would be nice to know if you want all of us to play, or only those who agree on your political views.

Replying to @Glacius__

Regarding the quote from Ka'ai where he said it's "politically charged" we use the setting to talk about a lot of different issues as a metaphor through the lens of the world of darkness - the game is about conflict -personal conflict and conflict between the new and the old. You're the monster, you'll be deciding your own redemption from the choices you've made. Or not.

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Outstar Talks About The Tender Reveal

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Outstar posted a video describing the mini-LARP that happened before the live-feed started. Apparently select guests were invited by Paradox to attend and participate in this LARP as you ended up talking to one character after another getting clues along the way. She does not say anything game related just how the party and event was organized that we didn't see on stream. The most interesting thing she talked about is when the lights went down and the black lights came on what those in attendance saw but we watching on the stream couldn't is the black light revealed many people in the crowd with vampire bites on their necks!

Very cool, so feel free to watch the video below and post your thoughts.


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New in-Game Still

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The Official BL2 Twitter posted a new cemetary in-game still. And WOW does it look pretty amazing, I guess that is what happens when you run Unreal 4. Certainly a step up from the cemetary in Hollywood visually speaking. Post your thoughts in the comments.

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IGN BL2 Preview

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IGN has a new hands on preview of BL2,you can find the whole article at this link here but you can find the bullet points and a snip of it below;

  • Seattle has a Gothic aesthetic but struggling to find it's identity in the face of change as it is in the real world
  • Reiterated the background you choose for your character will make certain NPCs react to you differently
  • Combat mostly locked in 1st person
  • Camera will pull out to 3rd person for select moves like scaling a wall
  • As you stalk potential prey you can sense/see their aura, the color indicates their mood/emotional state which will have different effects when you drink from them
  • Over time you build acquired tastes for certain emotional states called Merits, they become perm bonuses.


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Mitsoda Confirms the Player Won't Be Voiced

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When asked if the player will be voiced Brian Mitosda Tweeted his reply of the following -

Protagonist is not voiced. I generally find that even with options to pick your voice, players never find a voice that fits the character they created. And yeah, it's a massive expense when the PC character has thousands of lines.


Not overly surprising but good for official confirmation.

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Original BL1 Composer Returning

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The following is from @outstar on the Twitter confirming as well as Mitsoda, the original composer from BL1 will be returning.

Just got an e-mail from Rik Schaffer, we go way back as I talked with him about the unpublished Bloodlines tracks and helped him with the cover for his book.
These are the contents of the e-mail. :) Spread the word!
#vamily #VampireTheMasquerade #bloodlines2

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Brian Mitsoda Clears the Air

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Apparently the following were some points of contention (why I don't know as most of the recent BL2 articles clarified these points) and Story Developer Brian Mitsoda chimed in with the following Tweet;


To clear up some misinformation:
-Yes, #bloodlines2 is an RPG with reactive story/dialogue, a branching narrative, and tons of characters.
-Yes, you can create your character and customize their look/skills.
-It's more than a trailer - we showed off the first 30 minutes to press.

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