Bloodlines 2 Known Information

Last update 05.30.19

Story/Quests/Writing Information

Takes place 15 years after Bloodlines (some story references and NPCs from BL1 are in BL2), The game starts with you and 7 others on trial as part of being a "mass embrace". Before you are condemned to final death a large fire breaks out, allowing you and the other 7 to escape. Some senior kindred die in the chaos. After you escape you taken in by another kindred named Dale who sets you up with a haven and shows you the ropes and you must come to terms with what you are. The main plot will be who embraced you and why. The character’s journey will take them across Seattle, a city once known for its music culture and progressive ideals that’s been overtaken in recent years by big tech companies and billionaires. The story will also revolve around the blood trade.

The story will lead you to the city's underground ruins. These sections are said to be inspired by the real-life locations that were paved over after intense fires during 1889, and the ruins house a number secrets pertaining to the lost history of Seattle, and how vampires played a part in it.

You will meet (or hunt down) the other thin bloods of the mass embrace for good or ill in a "massive" side quest.
  • Brian Mitsoda the lead writer of Bloodlines 1 now works for Hardsuit Labs as the lead writer for BL2
  • Mitsoda underscored that Bloodlines 2 will capture the tone of the original: a mix of noir, personal drama, political intrigue, and humor.
  • Chris Avellone of New Vegas, Fallout 2 fame is joining the writing team for this game
  • Cara Ellison is mainly working on the "U7" the 7 other kindred from the mass embrace
  • The background you choose during character creation will have certain NPCs react. ie you choose 'police' background a cop in the police station may recognize you and open up a dialog path that wouldn't be available to others
  • A single play through will take around 25-30 hours
  • The first ~5 hours of game you play as a thinblood then become a full blooded vampire there after

Game Mechanics
  •     5 playable clans to start plus Thinbloods, more will be added post release as a free add on
  •     Players no longer assign attribute points to determine their abilities; instead, you are capable of handling any weapon you come across
  •     However players still assign XP to skills and vampire powers
  •     No quest markers
  •     Climbing, jumping in the game
  •     Guns will be a short term combat solution, most effective combat will be vampire powers and melee.
  •     Social situations (role playing) highly stressed in the game
  •     Disciplines will work a bit differently, in the form of a skill tree that you need to chose which branches to go down
  •     The environment is designed to allow you to use your disciplines to get around barriers. ie turn to mist to get though a locked door or use telekinesis to get a key out of reach.
  •     You can change factions at the risk of upsetting the faction you are leaving which may then cut you off from them working with you
  •     Humanity and Masquerade character rating return in BL2
  •     If you cause to many Masquerade violations Seattle Police will get dispatched, cause more, and even more police and mortals will stay off the streets, the worst violations will then cause the cities kindred and human hunters to go after you
  •     Feeding on victims, each has colored “resonance” they are outputting (rage, sadness, etc) will determine what buff you will get upon feeding on their blood
  •     If you drink consistently from those types of emotions you will get perm buffs
  •     NPCs will react to vampire attacks if you feed in specific areas and less mortals will gather in those areas of clustered attacks
  •     The character creator, which players get to use twice – once at the start to define your human aspects and then a second time later in the game to flesh out your vampire. Body type, gender pronouns, employment history and fashion can all be toyed with for a very modular build.
  •     To redeem from masquerade violations you can join Bart, of the Prince's "cleanup crew" to, literally clean up violations the Prince deems needed
  •     Players will be able to equip two melee and two ranged weapons at any a time

Setting Details
  • Based in Seattle
  • Will NOT be open world, but "hubs" like the original game
  • Several Seattle landmarks will make a appearance
  • The story will lead you to the city's underground ruins. These sections are said to be inspired by the real-life locations that were paved over after intense fires during 1889, and the ruins house a number secrets pertaining to the lost history of Seattle, and how vampires played a part in it.
  • The Prince of Seattle's name is "Cross"
  • It is implied there are other sects present in game then the Camarilla
  • Tremere were banned from the city for quite some time (unclear why) and only recently welcomed back, it has been implied, of the V5 setting Tremere factions, House Tremere and Carna will be present.

The 5 Playable Clans
  • Brujah - Potence (2 levels), Celerity (2 levels) - Weakness is easy to frenzy
  • Tremere - Thaumaturgy (3 levels), Auspex (2 levels) - Weakness takes extra damage from other kindred
  • Toreador - Presence (2 levels), Celerity (2 levels) - Weakness when away from humans to long your Willpower regens much slower
  • Ventrue - Dominate (2 levels), Fortitude (2 levels) - Weakness is can not drink from mortals with weak blood
  • Malkavian - Dementation (2 levels), Auspex (2 levels) - Weakness they have a hard time to focus

  •     Engine will have real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS support
  •     Game built on Unreal 4
  •     Will support Modding

  •     Developed by Hardsuit Labs, Published by Paradox Interactive
  •     Release Q1 2020
  •     Some of the original voice cast will be returning for BL2
  •     Hardsuit reached out out to Paradox right after they bought the White Wolf property to pitch BL2 in 2015, production of the game started Aug 2016
  •     First-person with contextual third-person actions just like Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  •     Rik Schaffer, who composed the original Bloodlines, returns and been working on the Bloodlines 2 score over the last year

Rumors/Non-confirmed Info

The fact you don't choose a clan at the start as a thin blood but later on is leaving the impression to many you become a full kindred by performing diablerie on someone in the clan of your choosing.